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Good day.

I'm a guy in his 20s who likes to write code. Making a website means writing code, so I made one. Here you'll find all of the stuff I've done throughout my admittedly short career. I was born and reside in the Northland of Kansas City, Missouri. Please, take a look around, and make sure to check back later, as I'll be posting new stuff more and more often.

Other assorted, mostly useless facts:

  • I drive a red domestic mid-sized sedan.
  • I think that Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer is under-appreciated and is the kind of album you can only get when you have two major talents (Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi) butting heads in the studio, but when they're at a stage in their careers when they know how to control their disdain instead of letting it consume them.
  • The Venture Brothers is the only TV show I have on DVD.

Take your time and look around. Thanks again for stopping by.


Aaron McRuer
5811 N. Colrain Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

    > Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, University of Missouri- Columbia	        May 2014
        *   Major in Information Technology
        *   Minor in Computer Science

    > Cerner Corporation - Kansas City, Missouri
        * Software Engineer- Population Health Services                                     July 2016-Present
            -   Implementing a re-design of Cerner's health plan services website for both internal
                and client use.
            -   Work with Python/Django, LESS, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL Server to create a
                health insurance website that allows consumers to better understand and control
                their healthcare outcomes.
        * Technical Support Engineer- Discern Explorer                                      July 2014-July 2016
            -	Provide service to clients and internal associates about the Discern Explorer 
                programming language
            -	Answer questions related to language, development tools/environments and the 
                underlying infrastructure for programs and services utilizing it
            -	Work with developers and engineers on troubleshooting issues and enhancing 
                software, documentation, and best practices in the Discern Explorer solution
    > University of Missouri Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology                March 2012-July 2014
        * Undergraduate Research Assistant- ACL Gold- Application Development
            -	Developed a .NET application for Windows for use in a multi-year study of the 
                efficacy of the Microsoft Kinect in predicting future anterior cruciate ligament 
                injuries in adolescent female athletes
            -	Made use of object-oriented design and tested different algorithms while working 
                on a team with doctors and research faculty
            -	Work presented at campus and industry events 
            -	Technologies used: C#/WPF, SQLite, JSON, Microsoft Kinect

    > University of Missouri Capstone leader- lead a project to create a GPS-enabled fuel 
        efficiency gauge using a microcontroller. Technologies used: Arduino, C/C++
    > University of Missouri NFCare – A semester project to track the usage of NFC 
        (Near-Field Communications) tags and track potentially malicious tags using a mobile 
        client, database and website. Technologies used: Windows Phone 8, C#, PHP, 
        PostgreSQL, JavaScript, BootStrap, CSS, HTML5
    > Eagle Scout- Platte Woods United Methodist Church, 2006 – Completed service project to 
        plant drought-resistant landscaping at Lakeview Middle School and implement a 
        long-term landscaping plan for the school. 
    > Good:
        * C# - WPF/XAML, Windows Phone/Mobile Platforms
        * Client-side HTML/CSS/JavaScript- BootStrap, JQuery
        * SQL- CCL/Discern Explorer, SQLite
        * GNU/Linux- Debian derivatives
        * Windows NT- based OSes
    > Okay:
        * C 
        * ASP.NET
        * PHP
        * Python
        * PostgreSQL, MySQL
        * Git
    > Minor Experience:
        * Ruby
        * C++
        * D
        * Java
        * Sass
        * Oracle SQL





I did some video production/editing as a part of my coursework in University.


SurrealCraft is a stop-motion film I made paying tribute to Minecraft and SurvivalCraft. Props were simple blocks made from cardboard and paper, with paint to make them look like the blocks in the game. The footage was shot with a Canon Vixia and the composition was made with Adobe AfterEffects on Microsoft Windows.

SurrealCraft Final Cut from M_c_Ruer on Vimeo.


Some of these projects have their source code featured on the code tab.

ACL Gold

ACL Gold is a research project at the University of Missouri's Center for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology under the direction of Dr. Aaron Gray, MD and Dr. Marjorie Skubic, PhD. This project makes use of a Microsoft Kinect sensor to measure joint angles within the lower body during jumps to determine the likelihood of future ACL injuries in athletes, as posited by Dr. Timothy Hewitt's paper on the subject. My role was programming the application and testing it at the lab in conjunction with Dr. Erik Stone, PhD. The executable itself was a Windows program making use of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and C#, developed in Visual Studio. The program was used in a long-term study to measure the effectiveness of such technology in prediction of future ACL injuries.


Stovepop is the name for my planned clustered compilation infrastructure, targeted at the building of customized Linux kernels. Stovepop has the following components:

Currently, Stovepop is in the planning and testing phase, using a small cluster made up of Raspberry Pi 2 nodes.

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